Architectural Guidelines


To provide residential homeowners and tenants, of Catalina Cove, guidelines on Architectural improvements and changes that are aesthetically, structurally, and logistically representable of homeowners and the community.

All structural changes to homes should be presented to the HOA Committee prior to commencement for approval. Presentations are considered to be (2) drawings with accompanying documentation submitted before HOA meetings, which are conducted once a month.

The purpose for review and approval by the HOA Committee is to help residents follow guidelines in the Clearwater Cove Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and also city, county, and state ordinances. The HOA may also be able to provide examples of improvements that can save time and money.

Homeowners are responsible of informing tenants, if any, of all guidelines and requirements of the Catalina Cove HOA as homeowners will be notified when rules are amended or changes.

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